The Best Sites - What Is Betting Exchange and How Does it Work?

At first glance, horseracing doesn’t seem that complex; however, determining the winning horse requires some serious skills. Punters that don’t have the time (or the knowledge) to do all of the research themselves, often rely on professional “tipsters” – people who have made a career of doing research in a particular sport and figuring out the smallest details which increase the chance of making a successful sportsbook wager. Being a tipster is a lot of work, and this is why professional tips will cost money. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most known tipsters, and also where you can get some good info for free. Sportsbooks and betting exchanges are often confused by people, due to their similarity; however, the differences between the two are naturally fundamental. When you place a wager in a sportsbook, you’re trying to win against the bookie. On the other hand, wagering on any market on an exchange puts you up against the bets made by other punters! With their almost “naturally occurring” odds, exchanges are preferred by many punters for the number of markets they offer, as well as the types of wagers which are being allowed. In this article, we will take a good look at which exchanges are considered to be the best in the industry.

best sites for bettin exchange

Betfair Wins by a Landslide

Known to be the best betting exchange website on the planet, Betfair also offers the biggest variety of sports and markets. Focusing on football and horseracing, Betfair also covers a large portion of e-sport events, which make it a highly versatile betting exchange. Betfair has a lot of members, which is good news for every punter who is looking for constant action. Perhaps the only downside with Betfair, is that the commission on winning bets can be a bit too high (around 5%); however, this doesn’t stop this betting exchange from being the most preferred one in the world.

Matchbook Offers a lot of USA-oriented Markets

It’s no secret that online gambling in the USA is a touchy subject, but that doesn’t prevent Matchbook from being one of the most preferred exchanges out there. Another wonderful benefit is that Matchbook has a very low commission – only 1.5%. This exchange is praised for its innovative interface and straightforward design; however, it is said that it lacks in the number of markets it offers. On the other hand, it is due to its low commission percentage that Matchbook continues to be as popular as ever.

BETDAQ Comes in Second Place

If Betfair is the biggest, then BETDAQ is considered to be the second biggest. With its main focus on soccer, horse, and greyhounds racing markets, this exchange is preferred by many people for its “0% commission” offers and relatively low rates. Although BETDAQ had raised its initial 2% commission to 5% these days, this exchange certainly continues to be among the most preferred ones online. BETDAQ is considered to be “the best of both worlds” as it offers both betting exchange and sportsbook services.

smarkets operates with a decent commission

Smarkets Operates with a Decent Commission

Although this betting website doesn’t feature as many markets at some of the other names in our list, Smarkets still has a competitive edge with its 2% commission. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, this betting exchange covers the most popular sports and events online and also gives punters the chance to bet on the outcome of political events that take place in a number of countries.

Market Exchange Websites Are Becoming Even More Popular

Regardless of the winning commission amount, small and big betting websites are becoming even more popular by the day. Many punters are developing a new taste for competing with other punters, and only the exchange gives them that opportunity. It is no secret that bookies are generally disapproving of such betting websites, but there isn’t anything they can do about it – it’s all fair competition. Make sure to remember that every website that offers such wagering opportunities has advantages and disadvantages, so if you wish to try your hands in some exchange betting, do so after you’ve done a bit of research – you won’t be sorry!