The Best Horseracing Tipster – Where to Find Free Horse Betting Tips?

At first glance, horseracing doesn’t seem that complex; however, determining the winning horse requires some serious skills. Punters that don’t have the time (or the knowledge) to do all of the research themselves, often rely on professional “tipsters” – people who have made a career of doing research in a particular sport and figuring out the smallest details which increase the chance of making a successful sportsbook wager. Being a tipster is a lot of work, and this is why professional tips will cost money. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most known tipsters, and also where you can get some good info for free.

The Best Horseracing Tipster – Where to Find Free Horse Betting Tips?

Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin is a person that became quite famous among UK punter circles by making a series of successful horseracing wagers. Since 2014, it is calculated that his tips have resulted in a return of the investment rate of 18.22%. There are a bunch of other impressive statistics that describe Mr Franks’ ability to predict winners in horseraces, but perhaps the most surprising fact is that he managed to make a fortune from playing with £10 bets! Quentin Franks is part of the “” group of tipsters that provide professionally analysed information to punters who have signed up for the service. Check the upcoming horse races worldwide.

Expert Technicians

Professional tipsters take their time to analyse everything from the type of turf featured on the track, to the gear worn by the horse itself.

Professional Service

Free tips are based on a fraction of the complete information, and in most cases, are good when it comes to picking up a second, third or fourth winner.

Great Support

If you wish to get good information, you will need to research the most known horse betting tipsters out there and follow their statistics – this will show you if their analysis is “tried and true.”

what is fixing match betting

Fixed Match Betting – What Is It and How Can You Bet on It?

Let’s get one thing out of the way – fixing matches is highly illegal, and anyone responsible for pre-determining the result of a sporting event, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Betting on matches that are allegedly fixed, on the other hand, is not illegal! It is every punter’s dream to be able to detect when a match is fixed so that they can make the right wager. While there are no sure ways to find out if a match is fixed (if you’re not the one doing the fixing), the few tips discussed in this article may help you gain a better perspective.

Watch for Rapid Odds Changes

Pre-match and in-play odds can serve as a good indicator if a match is being fixed. It is generally accepted that odds will drop slightly if enough players bet on a particular market. However, when the odds of any market change considerably in a very short time, that’s an indication that a large sum of money has been placed on that particular market. Although large bets on high-profile events aren’t that unusual, they do strike a red flag when they are made on small leagues and competitions.

The Best Sites - What Is Betting Exchange and How Does it Work?

Sportsbooks and betting exchanges are often confused by people, due to their similarity; however, the differences between the two are naturally fundamental. When you place a wager in a sportsbook, you’re trying to win against the bookie. On the other hand, wagering on any market on an exchange puts you up against the bets made by other punters! With their almost “naturally occurring” odds, exchanges are preferred by many punters for the number of markets they offer, as well as the types of wagers which are being allowed. In this article, we will take a good look at which exchanges are considered to be the best in the industry.

best betting exchange sites

Betfair Wins by a Landslide

Known to be the best betting exchange website on the planet, Betfair also offers the biggest variety of sports and markets. Focusing on football and horseracing, Betfair also covers a large portion of e-sport events, which make it a highly versatile betting exchange. Betfair has a lot of members, which is good news for every punter who is looking for constant action. Perhaps the only downside with Betfair, is that the commission on winning bets can be a bit too high (around 5%); however, this doesn’t stop this betting exchange from being the most preferred one in the world.

Matchbook Offers a lot of USA-oriented Markets

It’s no secret that online gambling in the USA is a touchy subject, but that doesn’t prevent Matchbook from being one of the most preferred exchanges out there. Another wonderful benefit is that Matchbook has a very low commission – only 1.5%. This exchange is praised for its innovative interface and straightforward design; however, it is said that it lacks in the number of markets it offers. On the other hand, it is due to its low commission percentage that Matchbook continues to be as popular as ever.

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what is handicap betting

How Does Handicap Betting Work and Where to Find It?

Also known as “line betting, Asian handicap, or spread betting,” handicap wagers are a special type of betting opportunity presented by the bookmakers themselves. Essentially, “handicap” refers to the bookie setting a virtual advantage (or disadvantage) to one of the competitors in a particular event. This is usually done when the odds in a specific market vary so much, that punters would lose interest in placing a wager on one of the provided odds.

By introducing a handicap bet, bookies raise punter interest in that specific market. Although there are rare cases where spread bets are made available for different sports, the widest spread use of this wagering opportunity is used in football (soccer). In this article, you will find out more about handicap betting, and also the best places that offer it.

Know Your Bet Type First

Although all types of handicap bets are essentially the same, a different name will usually mean inclusion of a specific rule, or the removal of one. For example, in “Asian handicap” bets, if the specific sporting market results in a draw, a punter’s wager will be refunded to them; however, if they have bet on “European,” a draw outcome will lose the punter’s bet.

How Does It Actually Work?

For example, let’s say that Brazil and Germany are playing a finals game for the FIFA cup. The Brazilian team is the favourite one among punters so that the bookie will give a virtual “2 goal advantage” to the German team. Punters that have bet on the “+2” handicap will win even if Brazil beats Germany 1 – 0; because, through the perspective of the market itself, the result will be 1 – 2. Handicap bets are most commonly applied to sports that rely on points – such as football, tennis, basketball, and others.