How Does Handicap Betting Work and Where to Find It?

Also known as “line betting, Asian handicap, or spread betting,” handicap wagers are a special type of betting opportunity presented by the bookmakers themselves. Essentially, “handicap” refers to the bookie setting a virtual advantage (or disadvantage) to one of the competitors in a particular event. This is usually done when the odds in a specific market vary so much, that punters would lose interest in placing a wager on one of the provided odds.

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By introducing a handicap bet, bookies raise punter interest in that specific market. Although there are rare cases where spread bets are made available for different sports, the widest spread use of this wagering opportunity is used in football (soccer). In this article, you will find out more about handicap betting, and also the best places that offer it.

Know Your Bet Type First

For example, let’s say that Brazil and Germany are playing a finals game for the FIFA cup. The Brazilian team is the favourite one among punters so that the bookie will give a virtual “2 goal advantage” to the German team. Punters that have bet on the “+2” handicap will win even if Brazil beats Germany 1 – 0; because, through the perspective of the market itself, the result will be 1 – 2. Handicap bets are most commonly applied to sports that rely on points – such as football, tennis, basketball, and others.

Paddy Power Is Excellent for Beginners

Paddy Power is considered by many to be one of the best bookies when it comes to offering handicap markets. This is because they have been doing it for many years, making them quite proficient in calculating what handicap opportunity will be more suited to any kind of sporting event. In addition to being mobile-friendly, Paddy Power’s bet opportunities also apply to pre-match and in-play markets, which expand a punter’s wagering possibilities even more.

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888sport Are Not Afraid to Take Risks

The 888 brand is quite famous in the online casino industry, but it has branched out to offering sports betting services. 888sport quickly gained a reputation as offering some of the biggest handicap bet spreads, and today is regarded as one of the best bookies when it comes to offering markets with this kind of betting.

bet365 Also Offer Asian Handicaps

Although these kinds of bets aren’t considered to be “the norm,” even giant sportsbooks such as bet365 offer them from time to time. This bookie understands the value of line betting, and this is why when it does make handicaps and betting exchange available, it does so on both in-play and pre-match markets. If you happen to visit bet365 and you don’t see any of them, don’t fret – if a specific market usually has balanced odds, they won’t offer any line bet opportunities.

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Not Every Bookie Offers Handicap Betting

While there are many sportsbooks that offer spread betting, there are many that do not – whether this is due to bookie policy or any other reason, there are cases where the most experienced punters are capable of making some significant profit because of this special bet type. Depending on the condition of the handicap, bettors can even manage to profit even if the event is lost; perhaps this is why many of the bookies out there don’t like offering line betting.

Most punters know that line bets are just a tad-bit complicated than regular wagers, and this is why they aren’t usually recommended for first-time bettors. On the other hand, if you already know what you need to do, feel free to try handicap betting – it definitely can offer a unique perspective on any sports market!