The Best Horseracing Tipster – Where to Find Free Horse Betting Tips?

At first glance, horseracing doesn’t seem that complex; however, determining the winning horse requires some serious skills. Punters that don’t have the time (or the knowledge) to do all of the research themselves, often rely on professional “tipsters” – people who have made a career of doing research in a particular sport and figuring out the smallest details which increase the chance of making a successful sportsbook wager. Being a tipster is a lot of work, and this is why professional tips will cost money. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most known tipsters, and also where you can get some good info for free.

Free Tips Are Available in Almost All Paid Sites

Whether as a part of a promotion, most paid sites do offer some free tips to their members. Granted, free tips in paid websites won’t necessarily be about horse racing, but it is worth a shot, as they are provided by professional researchers. Places like “” do offer free tips to newly signed members and, in some cases, offer good information for as little as £0.50. Find more about the betting exchange and how does it work.

The Sports Geek Website Gives Comprehensive Information

If you don’t like to pay for information, that’s fine – website offers a somewhat detailed free tip page for horse racing punters. There, you will see the “winner’s pick,” as well as a short analysis of the track’s distance, the status of the participating horses, and more. When it comes to free horse betting tips, is considered to be one of the most preferred ones online. Also Offers Detailed Information for Free

Another excellent website to get horse racing information for free is In the winner’s list, punters will get individual information about the participating horses such as the annual profit they made, their “strike rate” for different periods, and also the profit they’ve brought to punters for the last 30 days. Additionally, the website will list the name of its most popular tipsters as well as the number of followers they have.

the better the tips the higher the price

Better Tips Won’t Be Free

Professional tipsters take their time to analyse everything from the type of turf featured on the track, to the gear worn by the horse itself. Free tips are based on a fraction of the complete information, and in most cases, are good when it comes to picking up a second, third or fourth winner. If you wish to get good information, you will need to research the most known horse betting tipsters out there and follow their statistics – this will show you if their analysis is “tried and true.” Check the daily horse races racecards

Although there are many other free websites that offer horse betting tips, we should mention that most of them only provide their readers with the name of the competition and a list of supposed winning horses. The lack of more data would make this nothing more than a “wild guess,” so if you’re looking for some free tips, make sure that the source in question always presents more information!